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After retailing and wholesaling esrog sets for 7 years, we noticed that consumers shopping online and smaller communities outside of the New York metropolitan area were not being adequately serviced. All too often lower quality esrogim and lulavim are being used and kashrus standards are being lowered. The online experience, especially for organizations such as synagogues and schools involves much offline paperwork.

At The Esrog Grove all of our sets are pre-checked by a competent rabbinic authority and we don’t lower the quality of our esrogim. Organizations anywhere in the country can offer their members a fully automated online experience through our unique organization registry. No other retailer allows you to create and customize your own web site in a matter of minutes.

Our aim is to provide quality esrog sets and superior service at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for bombastic advertisement that promises everything for the cheapest price, The Esrog Grove is not for you. We are not the Walmart of Esrog sets and we don’t aim to be. We try hard to be accurate in the description of our products and explain the differences between the products we offer.

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