Kashrus Standards

There are two components to the Kashrus of an esrog. The first is that the esrog not be grafted with other citrus trees. Virtually all esrogim on the market today carry a rabbinic certification regarding their status as authentic, non-grafted esrogim.

The second is that the individual esrog meet certain halachik requirements. These have to do mostly, but not entirely, with the types of blemishes one might find on an esrog. Likewise, the lulav, hadassim and aravos have to meet certain halachik requirements to be deemed kosher.

A kosher esrog can fall into a wide variety of halachik categories. Just like one may call two esrogim beautiful but recognize that the esthetic qualities of one are far superior to the other, so to can a lulav or esrog be of a higher halachik rank. When we grade our esrog sets as student, standard, deluxe and premium we take both the halachik and esthetic factors into consideration. Our checking g is supervised by Rabbi Mordechai Gholian. Rabbi Gholian underwent years of training with the world renowned Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, head of the StarK kashrus organization. Click here to see HaRav Heinemann's recommendation.

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